How to Keep Track of the Weather in Norfolk, VA

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Weather in Norfolk, VA is much more desirable than the weather in some other cities in the United States, but that does not mean it is a paradise. Norfolk is still susceptible to severe weather, and anyone knows that the weather need not even be severe to get in the way of plans. The are three ways that the channel 13 weather Norfolk VA station can keep you connected and in the know about the latest weather-related developments.

Check the radar.

The channel 13 weather Norfolk VA station has a number of interactive and standard radars. The channel 13 Doppler radar has six different views, showing regional information, metro, northern, southern, extreme, and tropical weather. You can further customize the radar to show rainfall, hail, lightning, or warnings. Try changing the speed and showi

Tune Into Channel 13 When the Weather Gets Frightful

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Virginia is known for its pleasant weather almost year round, but Norfolk, being right on the water, is subject to some extremes. Especially when it comes to precipitation. For anyone living in or staying around Norfolk during August and Hurricane season, the channel 13 weather report is a necessity.

The channel 13 weather radar is also interactive, and can show you predictions three, six, and nine hours in advance. The channel 13 Norfolk weather radars cover 15 different views, including the metro, regional, northern, southern, extreme view, Chesapeake, Virginia beach regions, and more. The channel 13 weather Norfolk VA station is a must if you are travelling to the area. Perhaps the best thing about the station is the channel 13 Doppler radar, which can help you determine how close a hurricane is

Need the Weather in Virginia? Check Channel 13 for the Latest Radar

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When you look for the Norfolk Channel 13 weather report, you are not just relying on the smiling faces and informative updates of Jeff Lawson, Craig Moeller, Evan Stewart and Julie Wilcox, the Channel 13 Norfolk meteorologists. You are also relying on Channel 13 Doppler radar.

The images that come with the Channel 13 weather report get quite specific in their focus. You can view live Doppler for right over Norfolk, for the Regional or Metro areas. You can see Northern or Southern Virginia, Virginia Beach or the Chesapeake Bay. And then you can zoom way out to see the northeastern United States or the southeastern United States. These are just a few of your radar viewing options, some of which are even interactive.

When you click on the Channel 13 weather report tab, you can see a variety of op

Five Recent Stories Covered by Norfolk Channel 13

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Norfolk Channel 13 began broadcasting in 1953, and has been on the air ever since. It is a trusted source for local and national news, and the site maintains both an on air and online presence. Here are five of the biggest local stories of the past week.

1. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is planning to remove bald eagle nests located near the Norfolk International Airport, and an environmental advocacy group is suing to prevent this from happening. By law, eagles can only be moved as a last resort in order to protect the eagles or people.

2. Police were called to a Chesapeake House after two men forced their way in, in an apparent attempt to rob the home. Three people were home, and one had to be treated for injury after being hit with a gun. The men succeeded in getting away before police arrived. One of the men were carrying a dark colored pistol, and anyone with information about the crime is urged to call the city Crime Line.

3. A part time professor at William and Mary co

Inside the Channel 13 Doppler Radar

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I took a trip to the Channel 13 Norfolk studios the other day to find out exactly how the Channel 13 Doppler Radar really works.

The Channel 13 weather radar detects the weather while remaining relatively undetected. At one point or another, we have all seen the broadcasts that the Channel 13 weather Northfolk VA team relays to us each day, but have you ever stopped to wonder, “how exactly do they get the data for the Channel 13 weather report?”

I had the privilege of meeting with the meteorologists of Norfolk Channel 13 to get the official lowdown on the radar, and how it works. The Channel 13 Norfolk team explained to me that the radar consists of a satellite which sends beams out around the radar in circular patterns. When the beam strikes a raindrop, or a hailstone, it is reflected and sent back to the radar.

Once the beam reflects back to the radar, explained the gang at channel 13 Norfolk, the radar is able to calculate the exact distance of the precipitation, which direction it is moving, and its intensity (based on drop size and speed). This data is all translated into the geographical map that Channel 13 Norfolk broadcasts on television.

The Channel 13 Norfolk weather team informed me that their Doppler is sensitive enough to track particles blown by the wind and bird migration patterns, but, “that does not make for very good news, so we filter them out,” one meteorologist joked.

Channel 13 News Virginia Continues to Innovate

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Channel 13 News Virginia started broadcasting in 1953, and has continued ever since. Today, they are on the air as well as online. How does their website rate in terms of web design?

When you go to the Channel 13 News Virginia main page, the layout is modern and easy on the eyes. The side panels are appropriately filled, allowing the middle news section to resemble a sort of digital newspaper. Daily weather is displayed prominently in the right hand corner of Channel 13 Norfolk, and at the top is a variety of tabs for everything from traffic, sports, community and news to the tv schedule and links in the News.

One recommendation I would make for this section of Channel 13 News Virginia is to make news a little easier to find by category. The difference between News, MyCity, and Community is not intuitive. Instead, they could more appropriately be labeled national news, regional news, and community, or something similar.

There are multiple links to Channel 13 Doppler radar on the front page. In fact, there are five prominently displayed links with associated images. There is definitely a benefit to displaying Doppler information near the top of the Channel 13 News Virginia, if it is something they specialize in.

However, is really necessary to have five different radar screens that do not tell you anything unless you click on them? The choice to have the Channel 13 weather radars so prominently displayed forces all important headlines lower down the page, so that you need to scroll to view them. I would recommend moving the Doppler pics to the side and downscaling a little bit.

Something I appreciated about the Norfolk Channel 13 site was the tab for Project Green. It seems both innovative and useful for visitors to the site to have a place to go where there is a collection of environment related articles. This seems like an especially good idea given how interested in Green energy and living continues to grow in the US.

Weather to Live in

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One of the biggest factors that affects the day of any given person is the weather. A sunny day leads to a bright smile, while a rainy day makes people feel blue. A hot day in the summer could mean a day at the beach, and a snowstorm in the winter could make it difficult to travel. Channel 13 Norfolk works hard to provide local residents with updates on what the weather has in store for them.

The channel 13 weather report has channel 13 doppler radar that warns those in the Norfolk channel 13 area about upcoming storms. Being aware of the weather is imperative for several business and organizations as they attempt to plan events. Though people have tight schedules, the weather does not run in accordance with them. Channel 13 Norfolk tries to identify the upcoming weather as early as possible so that people can plan it into their busy lives.

Tuning into the channel 13 news Virginia can help a person decide what to wear in the morning, and it can let them know if they need to prepare for a storm. Channel 13 weather radar helps people foresee precipitation, which can be key for gardens and crops.

The importance and advantages of knowing the upcoming weather should not be overlooked. Channel 13 Norfolk attempts to give people the biggest advantage against the weather as possible through its doppler radar and other weather forecasts.

What Makes Channel 13 News Virginia Stand Out

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Channel 13 News Virginia is similar to other U.S. based stations for its forward thinking and well rounded presentation of the news. However, the station does stand apart from many of its competitors in some areas, including its assessment of the weather, its reporting of the news and traffic, and its online capabilities.

At Channel 13 News Virginia, the Channel 13 weather report is probably the most watched of all of the segments. This is obviously due to people’s need to know about the weather and what will be coming their way. People have a curious nature about them, and nature is something they definitely are curious about. At Channel 13 News Virginia, the Channel 13 weather radar is on the minds of the meteorologists there, and of others working at the station as well. They know that this is their bread and butter, and more specifically the Channel 13 Doppler radar technologies used.

At Channel 13 News Virginia, the weather is not the only thing that people tune in for, though. They tune in as well for the actual news, which is helpful because the seasoned journalists who are on the job here are very in tune with the local Norfolk community and understand the kinds of news these viewers and readers want. Thus, they help connect these folks to the news that will matter the most to them, and they do it so that it captivates these audiences. This is yet another reason why Channel 13 Norfolk deserves the credit it gets for presenting the news accurately and fairly to its audiences.

At Channel 13 News Virginia, the news and the weather are tops, but so is the traffic reporting. Virginia can get crowded at times, and that definitely happens in Norfolk as well. To help people with their morning and evening commutes, Norfolk Channel 13 presents the latest updates to the area’s highways, including major and minor roads. So whether people take the road more often traveled or the road less traveled, they can find out whether that road is packed with too many people before they get into their cars.

At Channel 13 News Virginia, the web is an excellent resource that is well utilized. Staffers regularly post online versions of their late breaking stories, keeping viewers and readers more in the know. Many appreciate this and increasingly are using the station’s website as their No. 1 source for news because of it.

Why The Channel 13 Doppler Radar Remains Tops In Norfolk

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At Channel 13 News Virginia, the news of course is the main focus for all staffers. However, just like with other major stations around the U.S., the Channel 13 weather radar is among the most watched by area residents. Weather is something that people naturally are drawn to, and it can affect their daily habits significantly. This is why most folks tune in to the daily or even hourly Channel 13 weather report. They need their weather just as much, if not more so, than they need their news.

The weather team at Norfolk Channel 13, then, are kind of like rock stars because they are followed so closely. When wanting their Channel 13 Weather Norfolk VA residents curiously tune in with the hopes that the weather will always be good so that they can carry on with their days like normal. And with the Channel 13 Doppler radar in effect, the weather predictions are as accurate as they are going to get.

At Channel 13 Doppler radar is used because it has proven to be the most effective way to predict the weather. And since weather can change at a moment’s notice both in the greater Norfolk area of Virginia and elsewhere across the nation, at Channel 13 Doppler radar is taken very seriously. The station has considered this technology to be vastly important, and plenty of proof points to the validity of these feelings. Thus, the station has utilized this form of radar for making among the most accurate predictions for news stations throughout the region.

At Channel 13 Doppler radar is used consistently to capture weather forecasts and decipher the data that comes in. The weather team at the station is of course concerned primarily with what comes through the Channel 13 Doppler radar. But the team too knows that it will be conveying this information to regular people who may or may not understand the complex meteorological terms that the team knows by heart. So the team, instead of spouting out this information without a care in the world, translate it in a way to make it accessible for even the least technologically savvy viewers. This keeps these viewers firmly interested in the news and the weather that comes through the station. They tune in for the accuracy and because they know they will be treated with respect and with compassion by the Channel 13 Doppler radar team.

Stay Prepared for the Day with Channel 13 Weather Report Resources

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Winter storms, hail, snow, rain and wind are all cause for concern if you are going to go outside or go somewhere. Most people want to know the weather report. For the most up to date report it is always a good idea to tune into channel 13 news Virginia. Channel 13 Norfolk is also a good channel to tune into if you want to see what is showing up on channel 13 doppler radar. One of the most unpredictable things in life is the weather. It can change on the dime. In a few hours a nice sunny day can turn into a dark and foreboding day with a thunderstorm looming in the distance. You do not want to be caught out in a rainstorm. Better to tune into Norfolk channel 13 and stay informed on what to expect the weather to be like each and every day.

If you miss the broadcast of channel 13 weather Norfolk VA you can always check it online. Many people get their weather reports sent directly to their smartphones these days. Channel 13 weather report apps are available or you can simply use your phone to connect to the website to get your channel 13 weather report.

People who get their channel 13 weather report can plan their daily activities and know what kind of clothes to wear. You can even get accurate weather reports for the week when you tune into channel 13 weather report stations. Knowing exactly what the weather is going to be like on a certain day can be crucial for outdoor activities and even planning. Why not download the channel 13 weather report application and install it on your smart phone today? That way you will never have to fear getting caught unprepared for the days weather again.